Dr. Amit Kapoor moderated a plenary session on the second day of the BoP Global Summit 2015.

Plenary Provocation III: Beyond Silos: Systems Thinking for BoP Sustainability
Most BoP ventures to date have been focusses on the sectors and industries that define business at the top of the pyramid: water, energy, transportation, telecommunications, food. housing, health, and education, to name just a few. Yet increasingly we see that the world’s challenges, particularly those at the base of the pyramid, do not fit neatly into transitional sectoral or industry compartments. Instead, they cross boundaries and require broader ecosystems of partners to succeed. This session focuses on the challenges and opportunities of systems thinking, boundary spanning, ecosystems and interconnections in creating and scaling BoP innovations.

Other Panelists:

  • Sagun Saxena, Managing Partner, CleanStar Ventures

  • Jac Geurts, Professor of Policy and Strategy, Tilburg University

  • Ted London, Vice President, William Davidson Institute – Faculty, Ross School of Business University of Michigan

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