The India Dialog is a joint research initiative by The Institute for Competitiveness and US Asia Technology Management Center at Stanford University. The initiative will focus on research, publications, interactions and events to build better understanding of the Indian economy. The world-leading experts and intellectuals in economics, business, policy-making, and social development would discuss up-to-date perspectives into the state of the India economy and into the outlook and challenges for its continued progress.

The Indian Economy: Innovation, Competitiveness and Social Progress

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Roundtable on States as Drivers of Development

US-ATMC Director Dr. Richard Dasher recent trip to India included a roundtable discussion on “States as Drivers of Development” hosted by the Institute for Competitiveness in New Delhi, India on October 18, 2023.

Details on the event:

Video recording of roundtable:

Developmental model of states plays a pivotal role in unlocking the potential for creative and ground breaking initiatives that address state-specific challenges, thereby facilitating sustainable growth. A comprehensive understanding of each state’s competitiveness paradigm and implementing targeted strategies at the sub-national level are essential to address disparities, promote inclusive development, and unlock the full potential of states and their districts. By leveraging its strengths and addressing the challenges within its states, India can unleash untapped growth and progress towards its economic ambitions.

The roundtable gathered experts and thought leaders to share their valuable insights, experiences, and research on the evolving role of states in India’s development narrative.


Roundtable on Rice Fortification in India

US-ATMC Director Dr. Richard Dasher joined a roundtable discussion hosted by the Institute for Competitiveness in New Delhi, India on October 20, 2023. Details on the event:

India has taken significant steps through its program on fortification to fight the challenge of hidden hunger within the country. As part of understanding of the rice fortification program, the Institute for Competitiveness and the US-Asia Technology Management Center have documented the effort, understanding factors that have driven its success, how to create solutions at scale, the process followed to make policy decisions, the steps taken by India through the PDS systems, etc

The documentation is an effort to look at best practices, challenges faced and how other countries can look at the exercise of fortification to create scalable solutions for enhancing the quality of life and driving nutritional outcomes in its population. The report on Rice Fortification in India, co-written by Dr. Richard Dasher Director, US-Asia Technology Management Center, Dr. Amit Kapoor Honorary, Chairman of the Institute for Competitiveness, and Mukul Anand, Researcher for Institute for Competitiveness, can be found here.


Report on Navigating Multilateralism: G20 Agenda Evolution

Report on India Cluster Panaroma 2023

Research Paper on Healing The Economy: Estimating Economic Impact of India's Vaccination

Annual Event

#TheIndiaDialog 2024

The Elephant Moves: India’s New Place in the World

February 29 – March 1, 2024

#TheIndiaDialog is a continuation of the effort from last year to foster a better understanding of India and its functioning, delving deeper into developmental issues the country faces, the functioning of the democracy, etc

This year, deliberations become significant considering forthcoming general elections as well. As “The Elephant Moves,” it would be an apt opportunity to relook at India’s developmental trajectory, the challenges it faces, the steps required for continued growth and the functioning of democratic institutions. Some of the discussions we look at having are on sustainability, education, nutrition, healthcare, reforms, urbanization, culture, states etc

There would be a series of keynote addresses, panel discussions, and fireside chats during the dialog. 

Complete details about the dialog can be looked at

#TheIndiaDialog 2023

The Indian Economy 2023: Innovation, Competitiveness and Social Progress

2-day Conference: Thursday, February 23 & Friday, February 24, 2023

The Conference was presented by Institute for Competitiveness and US Asia Technology Management Center, Stanford University and was an in-person conference at Stanford University. More details could also be looked at

Complete details about the conference could be looked at

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Chair, Institute for Competitiveness


Richard Dasher
Director, US Asia Technology Management Center


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