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The Elephant Moves: India’s New Place in the World

#TheIndiaDialog is a continuation of the effort from last year to foster a better understanding of India and its functioning, delving deeper into developmental issues the country faces, the functioning of the democracy, etc

This year, deliberations become significant considering forthcoming general elections as well. As “The Elephant Moves,” it would be an apt opportunity to relook at India’s developmental trajectory, the challenges it faces, the steps required for continued growth and the functioning of democratic institutions. Some of the discussions we look at having are on sustainability, education, nutrition, healthcare, reforms, urbanization, culture, states etc

There would be a series of keynote addresses, panel discussions, and fireside chats during the dialog. 

Complete details about the dialog can be looked at

The Indian Economy 2023: Innovation, Competitiveness and Social Progress

2-day Conference: Thursday, February 23 & Friday, February 24, 2023

The Conference was presented by Institute for Competitiveness and US Asia Technology Management Center, Stanford University and was an in-person conference at Stanford University. More details could also be looked at

Complete details about the conference could be looked at

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Amit Kapoor
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Richard Dasher
Director, US Asia Technology Management Center


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