Competitiveness through Clusters

Institute for Competitiveness releases the Research Paper on “The 2023 India Cluster Panorama”. The research paper is a collaborative effort between Institute for Competitiveness, India (IFC); Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School (ISC); US Asia Technology Management Center, Stanford University; and Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM), Government of India.

The India Cluster Panorama 2023 provides unique new insights into the cluster structure of the Indian economy. It leverages powerful data from the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS), which has comprehensive coverage of the Indian labour force and granular data on wages and employment in 5-digit National Industrial Classification (NIC) industries at the district level. The data is aggregated into cluster categories; these cluster categories were generated by mapping the 5-digit INC codes into Benchmark Cluster Definitions derived in the U.S. and applied in a range of other economies. The Indian cluster database provides a detailed view on the overall composition of the Indian economy, the geographic footprint of specific cluster categories across India, and the cluster portfolio of every Indian district and state. This data is used India’s top clusters, and India’s districts and states with the strongest cluster portfolios. The PLFS provides additional information about gender, occupations, and the legal nature of the employment relationship that can be connected to clusters.

The complete Research Paper can be downloaded from

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