In order to measure the performance of cities across India, SCM has undertaken initiatives
such as the Ease of Living Index (EoLI), Municipal Performance Index (MPI), Climate Smart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF) and Data Maturity Assessment Framework (DMAF). The central objective of these indices is to assess the cities across varied sectors that impact the nature of growth in the cities.

The purpose of this exercise is to shift focus from indices to data with a comprehensive list of indicators. The datasets will be regularly updated by the cities and data points will be accessible in the public domain for the consumption of researchers, academics and for public audit. In past, data has been collected through frameworks at different times and cycles, thus having issues like overlapping, duplicity and more time and effort being expended in the exercise. Through the Urban Outcomes Framework 2022, data across 14 sectors will be streamlined so that there is an increased focus on data collection and disaggregated data can be analysed and used for ranking by domain experts. This also provides the opportunity for creating an ecosystem to create new frameworks based on open data.

The booklet was released at the Smart Cities Smart Urbanization event organised in Surat by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The detailed agenda can be looked at

The brochure can be downloaded from

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