Urban Outcomes Framework 2022 is an initiative to develop a transparent and comprehensive database based on cross-city outcomes across sectors such as Demography, Economy, Education, Energy, Finance, Environment, Governance & ICT, Health, Housing, Mobility, Planning, Safety and Security, Solid Waste Management, Water and Sanitation.

The central objective of this recurring exercise is to generate a robust database so that time series analysis and progress tracking can be conducted in order to achieve aspired social and economic progress through generating data that will drive evidence-based policymaking. Most importantly, the Urban Outcomes Framework 2022 aims to democratise data by making it accessible to all urban stakeholders in the Government, academic institutions, citizenry and industry- the ‘quadruple helix’.

By providing access to information on the variables affecting day to day life such as ecology, health, water and sanitation, the exercise focuses on providing information to the last mile, that will further democratise the cities and strengthen transparency and citizen-centric governance.

The booklet was released at the Smart Cities Smart Urbanization event organised in Surat by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The detailed agenda can be looked at https://www.suratsmartcity.com/SCSU2022/Event/Day1ConferenceAgenda

The brochure can be downloaded from https://www.suratsmartcity.com/SCSU2022/Documents/Download/BrochureSCSU2022.pdf?version=1.1

The event can be watched at https://youtu.be/yW61N9rfxng

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