Shri. Hardeep Singh Puri

I am extremely happy to announce that my Ministry is launching the firstever Municipal Performance Index 2019 as an attempt to assess theperformance of municipalities in India based on their defined functions.The measurement would also keep the citizens informed, build their trustand confidence in the local government.

With the Municipal Performance Index 2019, the Ministry has sought to facilitate Smart Cities and other million plus population cities inassessment of five verticals / enablers vis. Services, Finance, Policy,Technology, and Governance through 20 sectors and 100 indicators that will eventually help Municipalities in better planning and management,and filling the gaps in city administration as per their self-assessment through this exercise. The exercise will be undertaken in all Smart Cities and million plus population cities of India. This will lead to improvement in livability of cities for its citizens.

The framework has been adapted after several rounds of consultationswith Municipalities, experts and other key stakeholders. I am confidentthat the outcome of this assessment would provide a convenient way to depict and report information as it will reduce the complex realities of governance into a few understandable dimensions that can be measuredand quantified.

I congratulate my team at Smart Cities Mission and their support teamfor their contributions towards preparation of “Assessment Framework” for Municipal Performance Index 2019.

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