• Cluster and Workforce Development: The role of clusters and cluster organisations in connection with skills development.
  • The role of emerging industries in economic growth: Emerging industries can be understood as “the establishment of an entirely new industrial value chain, or the radical reconfiguration of an existing one, driven by a disruptive idea (or convergence of ideas), leading to turning these ideas/opportunities into new products/services with higher added value”. Emerging industries are perceived to have a disproportional importance for future growth, both in the medium- and long-term.
  • State Reports: The cluster portfolio of state and the performance of clusters.
  • Cluster Reports: The performance will cluster.
  • Cluster based economic development: This will cover how government and businesses can use the cluster mapping data for policy making and enhancing regional competitiveness.
  • Circular Economy: It will shed light on how to support emerging industries in the area of circular economy.

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