Land administration, also referred to as land record management, is a complex and vital process overseeing the ownership, use, and value of land. It serves as the intricate map and compass guiding our interactions with this fundamental resource, ensuring fairness and smooth operations. 

The key aspects of land administration encompass determining and recording land rights, involving the identification of landowners, delineation of ownership extents, and documentation of encumbrances through vital processes like land surveying. Maintaining land records plays a crucial role, acting as the official narrative of a piece of land, chronicling its ownership history, value, and legal documents, typically stored in centralised databases and made accessible to the public. (Deininger & Feder, 2009)The meticulous recording of land transfers serves pivotal roles in ensuring individual rights and societal well-being. It establishes certainty of ownership, protecting landowners from fraud and supporting confident investment and land use. 

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