The Liveability Index 2011 is a methodical comment on the quality of living conditions our cities offer. Rather than approach the issue monolithically, the report undertakes a statistically robust splintering of the liveability into multiple dimensions. It relies on entirely objective analysis, employing more than 300 indicators on a 10-year time line series. It has no prejudice color up the findings as usually happens in survey-based analysis; no subjectivity touches the inputs and processing, even the weights have been computed by application of Principal Component Analysis, eliminating multi-collinearity.

 The model is an evolved adaptation of the world-renowned diamond model of Prof. Michael Porter of  the Harvard University.


The 50 cities studied here have been ranked on these pillars and their constituent sub-pillars; they can identify nearest performing ones for ameliorating their lot or set truly aspirational benchmarks. This is the path to India’s prosperity.


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