28 APR 2023, New Delhi: A report on ‘Mann Ki Baat’ by the Institute for Competitiveness was released at a media conference event today by Shri Gaurav Dwivedi, CEO, Prasar Bharati; Shri Akash Tripathi, CEO, MyGov and Dr. Amit Kapoor, Chairman, Institute for Competitiveness in presence of Dr. Mark Esposito, Hu’lt International Business School and Harvard University Professor; Shri. Hari Menon, Country Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Dr. Michael Green, Economist and Chief Executive Officer of the Social Progress Imperative. The report release was timed around the special milestone of the completion of the 100th episode of the popular radio program Mann ki Baat hosted by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri. Narender Modi. 

The report is the result of an extensive study of the 99-episode transcripts of Mann Ki Baat published from 2014-2023 using Natural Language Processing tools. It is a comprehensive compilation of a ‘decade of reflection’ on the impact that the platform championed by Prime Minister Modi has made on galvanizing people’s resolve and action to bring about societal change and transformation. It captures case studies, which have been curated by Axis My India, on key thematic areas: cleanliness and sanitation, healthcare, wellness, water conservation, and sustainability and celebrates the participation of diverse grassroot changemakers including panchayat leaders, startups and the youth that have helped galvanize public awareness about these subjects and energize people to experiment with new, innovative, and long-term solutions, for India and the world.

Connecting with citizens, catalyzing action, inspiring changemakers to advance sustainable development and celebrating our Culture, tradition, and indigenous capabilities for innovations were the buzz words at the report launch. Noting that Mann Ki Baat is the country’s most popular radio program, Shri Gaurav Dwivedi, CEO, Prasar Bharati acknowledged the Prime Minister’s vision and leadership and congratulated everyone associated with the Mann Ki Baat program for creating an inspiring and far-reaching platform that connected crores of Indians on important social issues. He said that Mann Ki Baat is unparalleled in its reach. As per a recent study, it has reached over 100 crore listeners at least one. Mann Ki Baat has been translated into 22 Indian languages, 29 dialects, and 11 foreign languages by All India Radio. In addition to English, the programme is broadcast in 11 foreign languages such as French, Chinese, Indonesian, Tibetan, Burmese, Baluchi, Arabic, Pashtu, Persian, Dari, and Swahili. The programme is currently being aired by over 500 broadcast centres of All India Radio.

Shri Akash Tripathi, CEO, MyGov reflected on how Mann Ki Baat has encouraged listeners to participate in societal changemaking and citizen engagement has been at the heart of the program. By sharing examples of efforts of common citizens, and by highlighting stories of progress and change, Mann Ki Baat has transformed into an inspirational platform that is encouraging sustainable progress on priority themes that are core to India’s efforts towards achieving the SDGs. He said that the programme has had an expansive impact, particularly in terms of building ‘public participation’ model towards addressing key challenges and it continues to inspire change and celebrate changemakers who are contributing towards nation-building.  

Dr. Amit Kapoor, chairman, Institute for Competitiveness, stressed on the program’s ability to encourage citizen engagement by saying, “The report analyzing Mann Ki Baat is a valuable contribution to understanding the reach and impact of a unique radio show. Millions of people are being reached through the show by Prime Minister Modi, and the report highlights the power of radio to connect with the masses, informing and addressing topics important for the citizens”.

Mr. Hari Menon, Country Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said, “People’s participation and community engagement is the cornerstone of long-term sustainable development and societal progress. India has demonstrated multiple examples of people-led development progress and is a global exemplar for inspirational community-owned social movements. He congratulated the achievement of the 100th episode of the Mann ki Baat initiative and its role as a vehicle for amplifying and advancing powerful stories of people-led change across all of India. He added that India’s progress towards Sustainable Development Goals will certainly be boosted by such an initiative that serves as a source of inspiration for so many as they take committed actions for lasting progress.”

Dr. Mark Esposito, recognized global thought leader, said, “the Mann Ki Baat program has fostered a sense of community and purpose and played a pivotal role in fostering civic responsibility for the development of the country. The report analysis is an effective way to understand and improve governance and citizen engagement in the country.”

Dr. Michael Green, Economist and Chief Executive Officer of the Social Progress Imperative said, “As a platform, Mann ki Baat is accessible to all Indians, regardless of their socioeconomic status. A platform of this nature would assist in bridging the information gap regarding government programs. As the show’s 100th episode becomes a reality, he expressed confidence that the platform will continue to ensure that citizens discuss social issues and take opportunities to participate in nation-building activities.”  

The report has been supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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