From pioneering several innovations in the ancient times to making incomparable contributions to modern science and technology, India has rightfully earned its name as one of the world’s most innovative nations. Currently, India is on the road to further promoting research and development (R&D) by establishing several centres of excellence, supporting mega facilities for basic research, launching new fellowships, etc.

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of innovation has grown bigger, be it in the older innovations like ventilators or newer innovations like drugs and vaccines. It has been established that even a pandemic can be dealt with the development of newer drugs and vaccines, of which innovation is a pivotal part.

The India Innovation Index 2021 is a deep dive into the innovation landscape of India; it provides a holistic picture of the innovative capacities of our states/UTs by highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. The index provides a module to the states and UTs build upon their strengths and work on their weaknesses. This is especially important in the current context, where multiple start-ups and unicorns have started carving their space in the Indian market.

I thank all stakeholders involved in the preparation of this report, especially our knowledge partner, Institute for Competitiveness. I hope the third edition further instils a competitive spirit among the states/UTs and enables them to boost the innovation ecosystem of the country.

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