NITI Aayog has been focusing on the ambition of competitive federalism. The aim is to unite all states to work as ‘Team lndia’ as we believe in the vision that “strong states make a strong nation”. The second edition of the Export Preparedness Index considers this multi-dimensional character, as it assesses the export needs and strengths at the regional level. In the light of Competitive Federalism, this Report would encourage states to take insights fuom other states achievements and shape their policy measures in line with their unique strengths.

Post-Economic reforms, India’s export market has made a mark at the global level. Following this growth, some states made notable progress in creating and promoting an export- oriented environment within the state. Over the years, the export ecosystem at the sub-national level has improved, yet some states still need to garner their full potential. A top-down approach, in this case, would not be able to capture each state’s accomplishments and perspective. Thus, the necessity to have inclusive participation ofthe states in forming their export focus policies arises. Through its well-defined indicators and pillars, the Exporl Preparedness Index 2021 will act as a guide to evaluate the State/ UT’s preparedness to export and undertake improvement measures.

States/UT’s can overcome the economic setback caused by the Covid-19 crisis by focusing on export potential, which would improve their wealth and thus minimize the regional disparity. Each state can build up export promotion policies by inheriting competitive advantages. The Index would enable the critical stakeholders to comprehend the current export ecosystem and partake in the necessary actions for improving the same.

The index framework has been designed so that the states can inculcate export competitiveness by recognizing strategic recommendations and enhancing the existing export policies. The Second Edition ofthe Index will be a significant catalyst for promoting competitive federalism and a fair contest among States/UT’s.

We appreciate the effofts put in by the team from Institute for competitiveness for analyzing and compiling the vital data on exports. The completion of the second edition of the report was made possible with the combined efforts of NITI Aayog and the Institute for Competitiveness. we hope that Export Preparedness Index 2021 will help states understand their export opportunities and challenges and assist in changing the export landscape of India.

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