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In 2019, NITI Aayog, in collaboration with the Institute for Competitiveness, had embarked upon a journey to develop a comprehensive tool for benchmarking the innovation ecosystem of the country. The release of the second edition of the India Innovation Index, in these trying times, is a testament to the Government of India’s continued commitment toward transforming the country into an innovation-driven economy. 

The index intends to create an environment where innovation factors are under constant re- evaluation. The framework is designed in a way to distinguish between the inputs and outputs of innovation. Five Enablers pillars capture the aspects of a conducive environment, while two Performance pillars demonstrate the innovation results. It is expected that, over the years, the index will evolve with the refinement of the indicators and improvement of the methodology. 

The index aims to perform two objectives: first, to rank the states and the union territories based on their relative performance, and second, to empower them to improve their innovation policies by highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. The methodology of the ranking is designed in a way that the states can draw lessons from the national leaders in innovation. Hopefully, this will lead to a healthy competition amongst the states and the union territories, thereby catalysing development and fostering competitive federalism. 

The India Innovation Index 2020 is a collaborative effort, and there are many who have made valuable contributions toward the success of this edition. The Science and Technology (S&T) Vertical of NITI Aayog thanks all the relevant Ministries and Departments, and the knowledge partner — the Institute for Competitiveness — for their support. 

The S&T Vertical is indebted to the Vice-Chairman, Member (S&T) and Chief Executive Officer, NITI Aayog, for their constant guidance and encouragement, without which this edition would not have been possible. 

It is hoped that the India Innovation Index 2020 will prove to be a potent tool for all the states and union territories in their collective journey to make India an innovation-driven economy. 

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