The Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance (GTIPA) is a global network of 34 independent, like-minded think tanks from 25 nations throughout the world that believe trade, globalization, and innovation—conducted on market-led, rules-based terms—maximize welfare for the world’s citizens. The Alliance exists to collectively amplify each member’s voice and enhance their impact on trade, globalization, and innovation policy issues while bringing new scholarship into the world on these subjects. This volume provides GTIPA members’ perspectives on what their nations are doing best when it comes to national innovation policy, and where there is the greatest opportunity for improvement. The goal of this report is to provide a profile of member countries’ national innovation policies, and a comparative analysis of where the greatest strengths and opportunities for improvement lie. It also provides examples of specific innovation policies that have proven successful and other nations may therefore wish to adopt.

Dr. Amit Kapoor contributed an article to GTIPA’s National Innovation Policies Report. The report was published in June 2019. This report summarizes what 23 nations and the European Union are doing best in innovation policy, and where they have the greatest room for improvement

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