The world has fundamentally changed since the start of 2020, the path to recovery from COVID-19 remains unclear as businesses frantically work to adapt to the new normality driven by COVID-19. Adaptability, resilience, and innovation are three critical words for these unprecedented times.

More than ever, business leaders and decision-makers have to take critical decisions and make strategic choices. Business Beyond COVID Summit is one of the biggest virtual summits in South Asia focusing on mission-critical business insights to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic world. World-class experts will share their insights to help business leaders to navigate in uncertain post COVID world.

Dr. Kapoor shared was a panelist at the virtual Business Beyond Covid Summit scheduled on August 18, 2020. Business Beyond COVID Summit 2020″ brought 30+ internationally well-recognized speakers into one platform to confer how to navigate the business in the post-COVID world. Since the global pandemic questioned old business norms, this is the high time business leaders to make strategic choices and rethink the way businesses operate.

Subject matter experts at the Business Beyond COVID Summit owe years of experience in educating business leaders, implementing proven business strategies, crafting novel business models, mentoring leading companies in the world.

The details of speakers can be looked here.

The detailed agenda can be looked here.

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