#TheIndiaDialog 2024 Deliberations

The discourse surrounding India’s global economic promise has gained substantial traction across various platforms, including international conferences, corporate boardrooms, and scholarly circles. This burgeoning interest in India’s rise signifies a recognition of its potential and opportunities on the global stage. However, there is a growing realisation of the need to move towards comprehensive discussions and delve into the nuanced complexities underlying India’s development trajectory. In response to these concerns, ‘The India Dialog’ emerges as a significant collaborative initiative between the Institute for Competitiveness (IFC) and the US-Asia Technology Management Centre (US ATMC). The conference’s theme was ‘The Elephant Moves’, which aims to unpack the multifaceted dimensions of India’s economic landscape by convening leading experts from diverse fields such as economics, business, policy-making, and social development. 

The complete paper can be read here.

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