By Pranjal Sharma

The Economic Review published by the Ministry of Finance, government of India could well have been written by the officers in charge of technology policy. The just over 60 page paper mentions technology on nearly every other page. Almost every ministry’s policy and sectors strategy now leans heavily on technology. 

In the national statement of  accounts in February, Finance Minister Nirmala  Sitharaman has announced a corpus of Rs 1 trillion for artificial intelligence based solutions. 

“For our tech-savvy youth, this will be a golden era. A corpus of ₹1 trillion will be established with fifty-year interest free loan. The corpus will provide long-term financing or refinancing with long tenors and low or nil interest rates. This will encourage the private sector to scale up research and innovation significantly in sunrise domains.,” she said in her speech.

The complete paper can be read here.

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