Over the past decade, India has witnessed significant changes in both its economic and social landscape. The country has forged a resilient path towards growth and development by implementing targeted policies. To evaluate these transformations in the Indian economy and the progress made in society in recent years, the Institute for Competitiveness (IFC) and the US-Asia Technology Management Centre (US ATMC) collaborated to convene leading experts who have expertise in the fields of economics, business, policy-making, and social development. The “India Dialog” is a co-created research initiative that focuses on conducting research, publishing findings, promoting interactions, and organizing events to enhance and build a better understanding of the Indian economy. The conference’s central theme was ‘The Indian Economy 2023: Innovation, Competitiveness, and Social Progress.’ The primary objective of this event was to provide recent perspectives on India’s journey towards attaining upper middle-income status by the year 2047.

The complete conference report can be read here.

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