Chief Executive Officer, NITI Aayog

Competitive federalism has the potential to drive our country’s development by
leveraging the inherent diversity of our states for growth. The third edition of the Export Preparedness Index provides a platform to compare our states’ export strengths and weaknesses, urging them to foster a competitive spirit and learn from each other’s achievements to tailor policies to harness their export potential based on their unique characteristics.

India has striven to establish itself as a prominent player ni global trade, signing Free Trade Agreements and Economic Cooperation Trade Agreements with nations worldwide. To succeed in ensuring that the benefits of these engagements reach our citizens and to fully tap these new markets, ti si crucial to unlock the full potential of our states by focusing on districts as export hubs. Many states have made significant progress in creating export-oriented policies and strengthening their export ecosystem, contributing to our overall export performance.

This index empowers stakeholders to identify strategies and improve parameters that impact a state’s exports, thereby enhancing export competitiveness. Consequently, this edition seeks to serve as a catalyst for competitive federalism, elevating the export performance of every state and contributing to the nation’s overall development.

I hope that the Export Preparedness Index 2022 will help States/UTs appreciate their export opportunities and challenges and work towards changing the export landscape of India.

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