In the Fiscal Year 2021-22, India displayed remarkable resilience in global trade,
achieving an unprecedented export value of US$ 422 billion in merchandise exports
and USS 253 billion worth of services exports. This significant increase highlights the
country’s strong export ecosystem and its ability to surpass pre-pandemic levels. The government’s emphasis on self-reliance and the surge in global demand during the pandemic have contributed to the success, with sectors like Textile, Agriculture, Gems and Precious Metals, Petroleum, Engineering Goods, and Drugs and Pharmaceuticals witnessing substantial growth.

To maintain this momentum, India aims to become a global export player by promoting districts as export hubs. By unlocking regional competitiveness and leveraging our innate diversity, India can enhance its export potential. The Export Preparedness Index (EPI) by NITI Aayog goes beyond states and focuses on exports from a district level. Additionally, The P I aims to assist state governments in understanding unique challenges and implementing tailored solutions. It provides a comprehensive analysis for policy changes and the creation of a favourable export ecosystem using its data- driven approach. It’s important to note that each iteration of the EPI has its own methodology and should not be compared across editions due to evolving factors.

The report empowers state governments with region-specific insights to aid decision-
making, identify strengths, address weaknesses, and foster comprehensive growth. I
trust using the analysis provided in the index, Indian states can further boost their
exports and establish a strong global presence. With concerted efforts, India can continue its upward trajectory in international trade.

I would like to congratulate the entire team of NIT| Aayog, Central Ministries, State Departments, and our knowledge partner, Institute for Competitiveness, for bringing out EPI-2022. This is in continuation of the earlier two editions of the report released on 26 Aug. 2020 and 25 March. 2022. The obiective of this exercise is to assist the states in improving their export preparedness which can lead to an increase in India’s export performance. I hope this report will enable competitiveness among states and leverage our heterogeneity to fuel our pursuit of an export-led development.

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