India is among the fastest-growing economies globally and innovation has played a critical role in achieving this status. India has rightly identified innovation as a key priority and is committed to strengthening economic possibilities. Through Atal Innovation Mission’s Atal Tinkering Labs and Atal Incubation Centres, the government aims to promote innovation from school to industry. Similarly, the Make in India initiative focuses on the creation of additional employment opportunities by encouraging innovation and investments in the country’s manufacturing sector.   

Covid-19 accelerated the adoption of new technologies; in India too, the pandemic led to the emergence of several pathbreaking ideas. Never before has the need to adapt and adopt new technology and innovations felt more urgently. The India Innovation Index 2021 is one such step towards fostering and furthering the ongoing wave of innovation in the country. Through its rankings, the third edition of the index aims to comprehend the opportunities and potential of innovation in each Indian state and union territory. It will provide valuable insights to different stakeholders and guide them in the formulation of policies that will help improve their performance. Moreover, the third edition will be a catalyst for promoting competitive and competitive federalism. 

I want to congratulate NITI Aayog’s Science and Technology Vertical for the completion of the third edition. Our knowledge partner, Institute for Competitiveness, played a vital role in the preparation of this index. We hope that the third edition of the India Innovation Index 2021 encourages the innovation ecosystem and provides better strategies for promoting the same at the regional level. 

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