Municipalities are critical units of local governance within a nation. The performance of municipalities is dependent on key strengths which enable them to execute the functions entrusted to them in an efficient and productive manner. These enablers make them capable of making a city ’smart’. These enablers can be broadly classified as Services, Finance, Policy, Technology, and Governance. It becomes crucial to build a performance measurement system that can be adopted at the local level for a granular assessment of these enablers or drivers of growth.

With the Municipal Performance Index 2019, the Ministry has sought to facilitate Smart Cities and other million plus population cities in assessment of these five enablers, that will eventually help Municipalities in better planning and management, filling the gaps in city administration as brought out in their self- assessment, thereby improving the livability of cities for its citizens.

The last date for filling up the questionnaire is 28th June, 2019. For any help please feel free to get in touch with

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