his paper offers an in-depth exploration of Rice Fortification in India, underscoring its vital role in mitigating malnutrition and addressing hidden hunger. It underscores the significance of widespread food fortification initiatives in India, with a specific focus on rice fortification. Despite notable advancements, malnutrition remains a pressing issue in the country, necessitating concerted efforts from various stakeholders, including governmental ministries, subject matter experts, and the food industry, to combat this challenge at a national scale.

Post-2019, India introduced a pilot program followed by a mandate for rice fortification within major social assistance programs. The paper underscores the multifaceted advantages of rice fortification, encompassing enhanced nutritional well-being, reduced susceptibility to chronic ailments, and heightened economic productivity. Paramount research substantiates the favourable impacts of rice fortification, such as elevated iron levels, increased haemoglobin levels, and enhanced cognitive development.

Furthermore, the paper draws attention to the obstacles faced by certain demographics, notably women, children, and young individuals, in obtaining access to a balanced, nutritious diet. This concern is particularly pertinent in India, where one-third of the population comprises of youth. The paper stresses the imperative of heightening awareness to ensure widespread availability of nutritious food for holistic health enhancement.

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