If there’s one idea that stands out in this issue, it is that capitalism needs to be thought about and enacted with a higher level of consciousness. It is no longer just a mechanism to increase personal and shareholder wealth but a responsibility to push through new frontiers of technology and innovation, improving the quality of not just goods and services provided but lives of people in communities everywhere by focusing equally on areas like education, healthcare and the environment.

From Michael Porter’s incisive speech on competitiveness, shared value, and social progress to Jordan Kassalow’s inspirational interview where he talks of his vision of providing low cost glasses to people who otherwise would not be able to afford them, to Don Tapscott’s article, Capitalism 2.0, written at the height of the global economic crisis, putting forward a strong case for the reinvention of capitalism, the message rings loud and clear that a new approach to capitalism is needed.

We hope this issue leaves you with plenty of food-for-thought and we look forward to your feedback.


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