The world we live in today has been shaped not by men of strength or women of power, who slayed men and ruled empires, but by the fortuitous
arrival of men with great intellect who thought, debated, discussed and propagated their views across distances larger than empires ever stood. It is these group of influencers we pay homage to with “Thinkers”.

The current issue focusses on the idea of using unique business tools to solve the myriad social ills that ail our capitalist society today. The answer, we believe, lies in a revolutionary concept of “shared value” which aligns social objectives with economic ones. This concept is a step beyond philanthropy and CSR in the sense that philanthropy is about sharing a piece of the pie while shared value makes the pie bigger for everyone and that CSR is about minimizing harm, unlike shared value which brings about benefits for all parties involved. It is a move beyond Piketty’s unequal society towards a world where we’re all better off and happy to live in. It is with this hope that we present this issue.


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