We have dedicated this issue of Thinkers to the Base of the Pyramid thanks to the wonderful opportunity provided by the 2nd BoP Global Network Summit 2015.

BoP is a pressing and huge reality in India and many parts of the world and there are organisations, institutions, NGOs, tech firms that are genuinely trying through their individual and collective expertise to up the standard and cater to this market and include them in the mainstream. We hope this issue will give insight on initiatives being taken towards uplifting the BoP that may be anywhere from the exploration stage to the execution stage but all have a common goal of seeing the light of day.

To lift the Base of Pyramid population around the world to a level where they live with dignity and equality is a mammoth goal and if achieved even slowly, would make the world a much happier place to live in. Steps in the right direction have been taken, as many of these articles show. Some are hopeful some are more confident, and experience tells us that success comes if we stay the course.

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