Dr. Amit Kapoor moderated a Panel Discussion on “States” at the Elara India Dialogue 2017 organised by Elara Capital on August 31 – September 1, 2017 in Mumbai.

Panel members: 
  • Shri Haseeb Drabu, Finance Minister Jammu & Kashmir
  • Mr Sumit Bose, Former Union Finance Secretary and current NIPFP Vice Chair
  • Mr Arvind Jadhav, FormerChief Secretary, Karnataka
  • Dr Amit Kapoor, President & CEO of Indian Council on Competitiveness 
  • Lord Meghnad Desai, Economist & Labour politician
Main Theme of the Panel Discussion
  1. Competitiveness Index and barometer used to define it
  2. GST & Anti Profiteering Board
  3. Centre State Relationship – Was GST a great example in smooth management of Centre-State relationship?
  4. FRBM
  5. Concern on state’s fiscal deficit esp in context of loan waivers
  6. Competitive federalism how are states trying to distinguish themselves to attract investments
  7. What determines the success of some states in implementing policies vis a vis others? Do policies truly become success only in those states where the Central and State governments belong to same party



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