This compendium by the Smart Cities Mission and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) is an attempt to celebrate the collective efforts of these cities by compiling case studies of street transformation projects from cities across the country—their design processes, challenges, impacts, and learnings.

It aims to provide an extensive database of best-practice examples that decision-makers, city engineers, urban practitioners, academicians, and local citizen champions can use to advocate for nationwide scale-up.

The compendium includes 50 streetscape projects, including

  1. 15 detailed case studies that capture the street design andimplementation process, challenges, impacts, and learnings from theplanning, design and execution of these projects.
  2. 35 overview case studies that highlight the project approach and itsimpact.By providing these learnings in a comprehensive and accessible way, this compendium aims to play a pivotal role in supporting the scale-up of street transformations and furthering the Mission’s goal of creating people-centric cities across India.

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