Post the Black Swan event of COVID-19 in 2020, there is little doubt that 2021 becomes a critical year to regain a lot of the lost ground due to the economic contraction caused by the pandemic. The government on its part 

is making significant moves to bolster the economy by hiking capex and directing its focus to infrastructure spending, healthcare and support for sectors in distress, especially MSMEs. The administration is focusing on a growth formula built around jobs through education, upskilling and innovation, as was outlined in the Union Budget of 2021. 

As the vaccine roll-out will reach critical mass in 2021, this will play a key role in ensuring society can return to normal safely. However, it is clear there is need for building a solid foundation for long-lasting resurgence through a holistic approach to address the gaps in the economy. The nation must move its priority to implementation of decisive policies and strategies to ensure a strong revival in the years ahead. 

As India’s significant influencer and opinion maker, Times Network is committed to playing an active role in championing pertinent issues of the nation. To ensure India emerges as a resilient economy from this adversity, we launched a mega initiative, INDIA REVIVAL MISSION to reboot, reload and relaunch the Indian economy.
The goal of the mission was to unearth actionable strategies to enable sustained economic recovery. 

As a critical peg of this mission, Times Network along with Institute For Competitiveness developed an in-depth Business Perception Survey – During & Post Lockdown, which sourced insights from India’s business community to distil domain-specific action points that need to be addressed to ensure long-term health of businesses and the economy. Insights from the survey have been aligned with the long-term vision map laid out by the Government post the Budget and have been crystalized under 4 key recommendations for attention & action. This has been captured in a cogent and insightful India Revival Mission White Paper – an effort to arm policymakers with relevant information they would require for building an implementation pathway to achieve long-term goals of capacity-building & growth of the Indian economy. 

We believe the findings enclosed in this white paper will provide pertinent actionable insights to accelerate India’s economic resurgence.

The white paper was released at the India Economic Conclave on March 25, 2021.

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